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    24th International Conference on Production Research
    New Challenges for Production Research

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Due to technical problems abstract submission is available here. Use the abstract template.

55th anniversary of Production Research (IJPR)

We are pleased to announce that during our conference will be organized a special event to celebrate the 55th anniversary of IJPR. Event The best papers will be also selected to special issue of the International Journal of Production Research. More details You will find in enclosed presentation of prof Alexandre Dolgui.

Download DOLGUI IJPR presentation.pdf

Presentation template

Dear ICPR Participants , please find enclosed ICPR presentation template. You can use it, but it isn't obligatory. Please send your final presentation with title (presenter's name and paper ID) at the latest till July 24th via our email.

Download presentation_template_icpr.pptx

Honorary Patronage _Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Minister of Science and Higher Education Jarosław Gowin takes a Honorary Patronagy the 24th International Conference on Production Research.

Download logo MNISW.jpg

Early bird registration date _EXTENDED

Dear ICPR 2017 Authors, Due to the change in the deadlines for submitting full papers also has changed ICPR 2017 schedule and the date of early registration was extended until June 19, 2017. Please remember to register via the link on our website and if you want to take advantage of the reduced price please pay on time. Reviews of your articles will be sent to You as soon as possible

Papers_DEStech_Web of Science and International Journals

Dear Authors ICPR2017 conference proceedings will be published on DEStech indexed on Web of Science. Extended versions of best papers from ICPR2017 will be reviewed for publication on International Journals as well as the best one will be also selected to special issue of the International Journal of Production Research, Research in Logistics & Production and LogForum Scientific Journal of Logistics.

Full paper deadline _extended

We are pleased to announce that the deadline of full paper submission has been extended up to May 31, 2017 in response to numerous requests. Please keep this deadline and send your papers on our email (refer to your abstract number). ICPR ORGANIZING COMMITTEE

About ICPR

The International Conference on Production Research (ICPR) encourages the communication among researchers in the fields of production development, production systems and processes. It is regarded worldwide as one of the leading conferences promoting research in the fields of production research and industrial engineering. The conference attracts a large number of outstanding scientists worldwide. It offers a platform to discuss and promote latest project results and provides a forum for interdisciplinary knowledge transfer.

The International Foundation for Production Research (IFPR) and Faculty of Engineering Management (FEM) at The Poznan University of Technology (PUT) in Poland would like to invite you to attend the 24th International Conference on Production Research.

Call for papers – draft proposal

  • advanced manufacturing techniques and technologies,
  • digital manufacturing and virtual facturies,
  • mechatronics,
  • CAM/CAD,
  • additive manufacturing
  • Human-oriented manufacturing,
  • Energy efficient systems,
  • Green development,
  • City logistics,
  • Natural resources safety
  • Lean, agile, reconfigurable manufacturing systems,
  • Resources (human, knowledge, financial, technical) management,
  • Manufacturing strategies,
  • SCM,
  • Innovativeness,
  • e-manufacturing
  • Simulation and visualization,
  • Industrial IoT and Cyber-Physical systems,
  • AI in maufacturing systems,
  • Augmented reality,
  • IT safety
  • RCM, RBM, MRM and self-maintenance,
  • Logistics,
  • Physical Internet

Special sessions:

The invitation for special session proposals includes two types of events: invited session proposal (the proposer is responsible for inviting the participants to present their research results within the session subject) and open session proposal (the proposer suggest the research area and all authors willing to present the specific aspect of their work have opportunity to contribute to the session).

Poster sessions:

Poster presentation is optional for some of the papers accepted for the conference (if suggested by the authors themselves or the reviewers).
Posters Presentation Guidelines

ICPR2017 conference proceedings will be published on DEStech Publications. DEStech Publications will submit all the papers to be indexed in Web of Science. Extended versions of best papers from ICPR2017 will be reviewed for publication on International Journals as well as the best one will be also selected to special issue of the International Journal of Production Research, Research in Logistics & Production and LogForum Scientific Journal of Logistics.

Participation Fee

  • Complimentary daily coffee breaks
  • Complimentary lunches
  • Conference kit and program
  • Conference proceedings on USB key
  • Complimentary wireless internet access within the conference site
  • Welcome reception, regional evening, Gala Dinner
  • Complimentary lunches
  • Conference kit and program
  • Conference proceedings on USB key
  • Complimentary wireless internet access within the conference site
  • Welcome reception (regional evening and Gala Dinner tickets are not included but it can be purchased in addition)
  • Spouse programme (regional evening and Gala Dinner tickets are included)
  • Transport to and from the visted site (pick up spot is the conference venue) and the guided tour
  • Participation in IFPR Early Career Researchers Programme and IFPR Doctoral Workshop

Bank account:

For payments in PLN:
77 1090 1362 0000 0000 3612 7125

For payments in EUR:
PL59 1090 1362 0000 0001 3099 2091
Swift code: WBKPPLPP

With adnotation:
"ICPR2017, participant's name and surname"

Please send Your abstracts to the e-mail 24icpr2017@put.poznan.pl using the Abstract Template.

Doctoral training and Early Career Researchers Programme

You Are Either a Doctoral Student or an Early Career Researcher?

If you want to boost your career in research, then participate in our Doctoral Training and Early Career Researchers Programme. These workshops and seminars not only offer you the possibility to improve your skills for academic research but also provide the opportunity of tapping into a network of colleagues. The workshops and seminars are linked to our bi-annual conference and regional initiatives. We also publish the names of those that have successfully participated in these workshop and seminars. And who knows, you might receive our IFPR Early Career Researchers Mentoring Award. The agenda is found at this web-page after the brief description of the various programmes.

How to Apply?

You will be eligible for participating in any of these workshops and programmes if you are undertaking a doctoral study or if you are an early career researcher within the scope of the International Foundation for Production Research. If you fulfil this condition, you may send an application to the Doctoral Training and Early Career Researchers Committee (for more details see the individual documents). Please note that when you have completed one of the doctoral workshops or the Early Career Researchers Programme, you will receive a certificate and your attendance will be registered at our web-site.

Early Career Researchers Programme

During the International Conference on Production Research that takes place every other year, the International Foundation for Production Research organises a programme for young academics that have just completed their doctoral study and started or are about to start their academic career. During this programme, the board members of this foundation will help to formulate your own research profile. More information can be found here.

Early Career Researchers Mentoring Award

During each International Conference on Production Research, three early career researchers will receive this award (for each of the regional chapters one). That includes mentoring by one of our board members and the invitation to present a keynote speech during the next conference.

Agenda IFPR Early Career Researchers Programme

  • 28th July-30th July 2017, Poznan, Poland
  • Programme is available here.
  • The early career researchers programme is limited to 24 participants (max).

IFPR Doctoral Workshop

The IFPR Doctoral Workshop aims at supporting you not only with how to do a research project from the beginning (research objectives) to the end (analysing results) but also with how to publish your results in a thesis and possibly journal publications. Furthermore, how to undertake an academic job search will be discussed. More information can be found here.

Agenda IFPR Doctoral Workshop

  • 28th July-30th July 2017, Poznan, Poland
  • Programme will be available here.
  • The doctoral training is limited to 36 participants.
  • Participation fee: € 50 (the starter pack included, participation in the ICPR2017 conference without paper and presentation included)
  • Application deadline: 25 May 2017
  • Accomodation: Poznan University of Technology provides 6 student halls of residence on campus which is beautifully located on the riverside, next to a recreational area of Malta lake. It is situated 10 minutes of walk and 3 minutes by tram from the Workshop Venus.
  • There are:
      Single rooms - € 26 night/person*
      Double rooms - € 13 night/person*

*The price can be changed according to the euro exchange rate, number of rooms is limited.
Generally rooms have a bathroom and a shared kitchen. All dormitories are heated and furnished. Cooking utensils are not supplied. There is a laundry and some parking place. You can see rooms here.

  • Required data for the accomodation include:
      Name and surname
      Passport number or passport copy;
      Billing data

If You would like to accommodate in student hall of residence on campus, please contact with us:
  Monika Kosacka: monika.kosacka@put.poznan.pl
  Michał Fertsch: michal.fertsch@put.poznan.pl

Doctoral Training and Early Career Researchers Programm Committee

The Doctoral Training and Early Career Researchers Programme Committee consists of Prof. Dr. Bopaya Bidanda (University of Pittsburgh, USA), Dr. ir. Rob Dekkers (University of Glasgow, UK), Prof. Dr. Huang Chin-Yin (Tunghai University, Taiwan) and Prof. Dr. Ing. Daniela Popescu (University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania).

Contact Details

Chair of the Doctoral Training and Early Career Researchers Programme Committee Dr. Rob Dekkers
Adam Smith Business School/University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8QQ, United Kingdom
e-mail: rob.dekkers@glasgow.ac.uk, phone: + 44 141 330 4760

Registry (of Participants IFPR Doctoral Workshop and IFPR Early Career Researchers Programme)

The participants that have successfully completed the IFPR Doctoral Workshop and the Early Career Researchers Programme have received a certificate. The official registry can be found in the documents below:

– 24th International Conference on Production Research
(28–30 July 2017, Poznań, Poland)

To doctoral students and early career researchers,

Please note that the 24th International Conference on Production Research (Poznań, Poland) is hosting the IFPR Doctoral Workshop and Early Career Researchers Programme (28–30 July 2017) in advance of the conference.

  • For registration you need to send an application to dr. ir. Rob Dekkers rob.dekkers@glasgow.ac.uk with the following documents:
    • Doctoral Workshop
      • A certified copy of your registration for a doctoral degree.
      • One letter of reference from your supervisor.
      • A letter of motivation.
    • Early Career Researchers Programme
      • A certified copy of your diploma/award of a doctoral degree.
      • A curriculum vitae.
      • Two letters of reference from academics.
      • A letter of motivation.
    • See web-site of conference for more details.
  • Note that both the doctoral workshop and the early career programme are limited in number of participants and that there are deadlines.
  • For information about accommodation and registration, please contact:
  • Also we would encourage you to record your interest in the workshop and programme when registering for the conference itself using registration form available here

Important dates




Marek Fertsch

Poznan University of Technology, Poland
  • Oleśków-Szłapka Joanna (Communication)
  • Werner-Lewandowska Karolina (Organization)
  • Stachowiak Agnieszka (Scientific Issues)
  • Cyplik Piotr Seweryn
  • Domański Roman Zygmunt
  • Fertsch Michal
  • Gania Ireneusz Piotr
  • Golińska-Dawson Paulina
  • Grzelczak Agnieszka Urszula
  • Grzybowska Katarzyna
  • Hadaś Łukasz
  • Kruszyński Mirosław Jan
  • Lubiński Piotr Roman
  • Mrugalska Beata
  • Niewiadomski Przemysław
  • Ponikierska Agnieszka Anna
  • Krugiełka Agnieszka
  • Klimek Andrzej Dariusz
  • Kosacka Monika
  • Kudelska Izabela Magdalena
  • Pawlak Natalia Anna
  • Pawłyszyn Irena
  • Arkadiusz Kalemba

Leszek Pacholski

Poznan University of Technology, Poland

IFPR Board Members:

  • M. Barad (Israel)
  • W.H. Bauer (Germany)
  • B. Bidanda (USA)
  • H. Bullinger (Germany)
  • J. Ceroni (Chile)
  • A.S.F. Chiu (Philippines)
  • C. Dagli (USA)
  • R. Dekkers (U.K.)
  • A. Dolgui (France)
  • R. Dryden (USA)
  • M. Fertsch (Poland)
  • B. Golany (Israel)
  • S. Gouvea da Costa (Brazil)
  • R. Grubbstrom (Sweden)
  • C.Y. Huang (Taiwan)
  • T. Ichimura (Japan)
  • S.H. Kang (Korea)
  • M. Kaspi (Israel)
  • A. Kengpol (Thailand)
  • K.J. Kim (South Korea)
  • W.B. Lee (China)
  • B. MacCarthy (U.K.)
  • M. Matsui (Japan)
  • G. Mejia (Colombia)
  • L. Ming (China)
  • G. Mummolo (Italy)
  • S.Y. Nof (USA)
  • T. Nose (Japan)
  • C. O'Brien (U.K.)
  • V. Orpana (Finland)
  • J.J. Park (Korea)
  • R. Pasquino (Italy)
  • E. Pinheiro de Lima (Brazil)
  • D. Popescu (Romania)
  • L. Quezada (Chile)
  • E.S. Shayan (Australia)
  • W. Sihn (Austria)
  • D. Spath (Germany)
  • M.T. Tabucanon (Thailand)
  • K. Takahashi (Japan)
  • A. Villa (Italy)
  • V.M. Virolainen (Finland)


  • S. Filyppova (Ukraine)
  • J. Józefowska (Poland)
  • Y. Krykavskyy (Ukraine)
  • A. Ławrynowicz (Poland)
  • E. Michlowicz (Poland)
  • R. Pytlak (Poland)
  • K. Santarek (Poland)
  • M. Trocki (Poland)
  • S. Trzcieliński (Poland)
  • J. Węglarz (Poland)
  • Z. Wiśniewski (Poland)
  • M. Wyrwicka (Poland)


Tomasz Łodygowski

Poznan University of Technology, Poland

  • R. Andre (Andre Abrasive Articles)
  • J. Filipiak (Comarch)
  • Z. Hoffmann (UWW)
  • J. Jaśkowiak (UMP)
  • L. Kiełtyka (TNOIK)

  • R. Knosala (Opole University of Technology)
  • J. Ocksen (Volkswagen Poznań Sp z o.o.)
  • B. Plich (HCP Poznań SA)
  • R. Słowiński (PAN Poznań)
  • M. Woźniak (MWW)

Contact Us

For any information regarding the event, please contact us at 24icpr2017@put.poznan.pl

Any information about the event, you can found on website : www.24icpr2017.put.poznan.pl

We are also on facebook

Conference venue

The conference will be held in Poznan, Poland at the facilities of Poznan University of Technology, located in the city center of Poznan.

Poznan University of Technology (PUT) is one of the biggest technical higher education institution in Poland. It was founded in 1919. At presents PUT is autonomous state institution consisting of ten faculties in which institutes and chairs over 1200 academic staff members do research and run educational tasks for over twenty thousand students of full -time and part-time studies.

Map of campus

Plan of PUT Conference Venue


Rainbow Tours (travel office) – prepared a special offer for the Guests of International Conference on Production Research, ICPR 2017. Using the form (reservation form) you can make a reservation in one of the hotels listed in the attachement. The hotels' location as well as Conference Centre, Poznan Airport, Railway Station and Old Market is flagged here.

If you have any questions about hotels please contact:

Rainbow Tours
Mrs. Malgorzata Szczecinska
phone: +48 797 408 049
mail: kongresy.poznan@r.pl

Social program

There are four social programs packages to be offered:

SOUTHERN POLAND – before conference trip (25.07 – 29.07.2017)

reservation form programme

NORTHERN POLAND – after conference trip to the Baltic Sea (03.08-07.08.2017)

reservation form programme

ACCOMPANYING PERSON PROGRAMME (during the conference sessions, mornings and afternoons).
It is available here

CONFERENCE SOCIAL PROGRAM (during the evenings) will be avaliable soon

Technical visits

Wielkopolska region is important for Polish economy, here many production facilities, both large and SMEs are located, benefiting from highly skilled workforce and well developed logistics infrastructure. The companies are willing to present themselves to conference participants, hence their offers are analyzed.


The Conference Organizing Commitee invites both private and public entities to participate in the 24th International Conference on Production Research (ICPR 2017). There are many participation possibilities, such as plenary session, presentation, workshop, etc.

Be a sponsor because...

  • recognition as a major contributor to the conference,
  • logo on the conference website, at the conference venue, and during the social events,
  • identification of your organization as a thought leader in industry,
  • interactions with researchers and potential new customers,
  • immediate feedback on new technologies, services, or products,
  • staying abreast of industry trends.

How to be a sponsor

Download sponsorship document

If you are interested, please contact with chair of the Organizing Committee:
Marek Fertsch: marek.fertsch@put.poznan.pl
For any questions or specific arrangements, please contact: marek.fertsch@put.poznan.pl


VOLKSWAGEN POZNAŃ is a modern commercial vehicle factory and components. For more than 10 years in Poznań is produced model VW Caddy and VW Transporter. From Poznań these cars are exported to markets all over the world. Volkswagen Poznań is a great and the biggest employer in Wielkopolska. The company employs nearly 10,000 employees. In October 2016 was opened brand new factory VWP – Volkswagen Crafter in Białężyce near Września.

ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of universal and specialized abrasive tools: grinding and cutting-off wheels, segments and hand stones made of hard bonded abrasives with vitrified and resin binders. Our offer includes a fixed range of abrasive tools and custom made abrasive tools as well. Our products are designated for precision and rough grinding of different materials such as steel, cast iron, stainless steel, concrete, ceramics etc. used in many sectors, for example: railway industry, tool industry, bearing industry, automotive industry, foundry industry, or pharmaceutical industry. Our grinding tools are sold to over 900 permanent customers in Poland, Europe and all over the world, inter alia Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Austria, India, Thailand, or United Arab Emirates. The highest quality and ANDRE ABRASIVE ARTICLES brand success is guaranteed by 30 years of experience!

Philips Lighting is a global market leader with recognized expertise in the development, manufacturing & application of innovative (LED) lighting solutions. Philips has been revolutionizing lighting for over 125 years. We pioneered the world changing development of electric light and LED, and are now leading the way in intelligent lighting systems. As Philips Lighting, we are leading the ongoing development of connected lighting systems and services. By leveraging the Internet of Things, we are transforming buildings, urban places and homes. To increase energy efficiency, and manage working environments in a more environmentally friendly way. To make cities safer and more responsive. To help our healing and improve our well-being. And to create experiences at home like never before.

FANA SP. Z O.O. The company specializes in the door locks, furniture fittings and mailboxes manufacturingFANA

Honorary Patronage

Media Patronage



Helpful informations

Currency and exchange
The currency in Poland is złoty (zł, PLN). Although some places accept Euro, in general it is not possible to pay in Euro in shops or restaurants. It is quite easy and safe to exchange currency in many exchange (pol. kantor, kantor wymiany walut) offices located in main streets. Most of exchange offices accept Euro, American dollar, pound and Swiss franc. At the time of publishing this material the exchange rate is 1 euro = 4,33 złoty (zł, PLN), 1 USD = 4,10 złoty. You can check the current exchange rate for example here. At the airport foreign exchange office is located next to main entrance to the terminal and also on the mezzanine in the main hall. On the mezzanine there is also PKO S.A. bank. There are two cash machines near the main entrance to the terminal.

The electricity standard in Poland is 230 Volts AC, 50Hz. Standard European appliances do not need any adaptors. In Poland plug and socket Type E is used. You can learn about different types of plugs and sockets here.

The international access code to Poland is +48, and the prefix number for Poznań is 61. To dial an international number from Poland you need to precede your country number with 00 (double zero). Cellular telephones: All three operators use dualband system: GSM 900/DCS 1800. DCS 1900 is not available. The major operators are: T-mobile, Plus GSM, Play and Orange.

The time in Poland is the same as in the whole Central Europe, i.e. GMT +1. In July summer daylight saving time adds 1 more hour.

The opening hours depend on the owner of the shop. Most of the shops are open from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 or 2 p.m. Grocer’s shops are open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. am to 2 p.m. Some grocer’s shops are open also on Sunday. Supermarkets are usually open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., all the week.

The climate in Poland is transient, of the mild warm zone. A characteristic feature of this kind of climate is that there are often changes in weather. July and August are warm months and their average temperature ranges between 15 °C and 24.0°C, with exceptional possible peaks as low as 7°C and high as 38°C as observed in previous years. There are possible showers. Some lighter and some warmer wardrobe parts are recommended as well as a raincoat or an umbrella. You can check the current weather forecast here.

City trams and buses
Trams operate from very early morning till about 10:30 or 11:00 PM. From Monday to Friday, between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM, they operate in summer mostly in 10 - 12-minutes intervals. After about 7:00 PM 20-minutes’ intervals apply. Early in the morning, as well on Saturdays before 4:00 PM 15-minutes intervals apply. On Sundays and Saturday afternoon and evening you have 20-minutes intervals again.
City buses: They are signed by MPK logo. Your 7-day ticket is valid for MPK city buses that have line numbers 47-99 (daytime lines), T1-T3 (provisional bus lines in construction-work areas), 231-252 (night buses) and A or L for an express line. There are also suburban bus lines served by MPK and other operators with their own ticketing systems. Your 7-day ticket is NOT valid for such buses even they are signed by MPK logo. In summer, the basic city lines operate with 15-minutes intervals Monday to Saturday until about 7:00 PM. On evenings and Sundays 20-minutes intervals apply. Nevertheless many city bus lines have schedules with longer intervals.
Trams as well as standard city buses are served by the main operator MPK and signed by its logo MPK. In principle, you find timetables at each tram and bus stop. There are maps in vehicles. Day's timetable is valid till 11PM in Poznań public transport. From that moment until the morning only night buses (denoted with numbers above 200) run throughout the city, and all of them cross the Kaponiera Circus (close to the Mercure hotel), so that you can change without problems. The night buses depart from Kaponiera in the intervals mostly of half an hour.
We have a time ticket system in Poznań, which means that you buy tickets for the defined time of journey, and not for a particular distance. This allows you to change with the same tickets, and without using another ticket for the next bus or tram, unless you are beyond the time limit of the ticket. The starting time of the journey is printed on the ticket by the ticket-puncher. There are tickets available for 10, 40minutes, 24, 48, 72hours, 7days. The 10-minutes’ ticket costs 3,00 złoty (PLN), 40-minutes’ ticket costs 4.60 PLN. Traffic jams do NOT extend validity period of a ticket. If you plan a long journey throughout the city, and you do not wish to waste your time thinking about the tickets all over again, you are recommended to buy a 24-hours’ ticket for 13,60 PLN (valid for 24 hours).
There are no special night tickets in Poznań, the fares are the same for the whole 24 hours. Express buses (lines A,L and P) have special fares however, equal to double normal fares.
You have to purchase your ticket BEFORE you enter the vehicle. It is NOT possible to buy a ticket by the bus/tram driver. You can buy tickets in many kiosks (most newspaper and tobacco sellers as well as some shops). If you plan to use tram or bus in late evening or weekend, please buy your ticket in advance. You have to validate your ticket in a validate printing machine (a plastic red or yellow box) IMMEDIATELY after entering the vehicle.
One more advice about the time tickets: if you validate e.g. two 10-minutes’ tickets simultaneously, it is equivalent to validate one half-hour ticket. But as you validate one 10-minutes’ ticket, and after those 10 minutes - another 10-minutes’ ticket, the other one will be valid for the next 10 minutes’ only. Therefore it is recommended to check out time schedules at tram- and bus-stops.
LUGGAGE fare must be paid in addition to the person fare. For each piece of luggage you have to pay the same fare as for one person. The bags smaller than 65 x 45 x 25 cm are free of charge. Bags exceeding 90 x 75 x 40 cm are not allowed.

The cheapest, safest and most comfortable way to order a taxi is to use one of taxi corporations. This guarantees honest prices and short waiting periods. All corporations offer free-of-charge arrival at the customer`s location.

    • CENTRAL TAXI phone 196 61 or 61 877 33 44
    • EXPRESS TAXI phone: 196 24 or 61 848 04 80
    • HALLO TAXI phone: 196 23 or 61 821 62 16
    • RADIO TAXI phone: 196 22
    • RADIO TAXI 515 phone: 196 25 or 61 851 55 15
    • RADIO TAXI 519 phone: 196 28 or 61 851 95 19
    • RADIO TAXI ACI phone: 196 67
    • RADIO TAXI MULTI TAXI phone: 196 66
    • RADIO TAXI CLUB phone: 196 26 or 61 830 09 61
    • RADIO TAXI HELLENA phone: 196 85
    • RADIO TAXI KOZIOŁKI phone: 196 29 or 61 862 96 29
    • RADIO TAXI LUX phone: 196 62 or 61 868 83 63
    • RADIO TAXI M1 phone: 196 69 or 61 822 22 22
    • RADIO TAXI RMI phone: 196 68 or 61 821 92 19
    • RADIO TAXI STOP phone: 196 27 or 61 822 23 33

Car rental
    • Avis Poland - car rental, ul. Bukowska 12 Poznań, phone: +48 61 865 38 94
    • Budget Rent a Car, ul. Bukowska 285 ( Ławica Airport) Poznań, phone: +48 61 849 23 61
    • Budget Rent a Car, ul. Roosevelta 20 (Mercure Hotel - on demand) Poznań, phone: +48 61 847 34 34
    • Electronic. Car and Vehicle Rental, ul. Żurawia 13 Poznań, phone: +48 61 847 67 16
    • Hertz Orbis Transport Ltd., pl. Andersa 1 (Novotel Hotel) Poznań, phone: +48 61 853 17 02
    • Hertz Orbis Transport Ltd., ul. Bukowska 285 ( Ławica Airport) Poznań, phone: +48 61 868 41 77
    • Maxim Car Rental, ul. Polna 15 Poznań, phone: +48 61 848 01 81
    • National Car Rental, ul. Bukowska 285 ( Ławica Airport) Poznań, phone: +48 61 847 14 68
    • RxR Car and Trailer Rental, ul. Kościańska 29a Poznań, phone: +48 61 832 22 32

Information about Poznań on the Internet
    • http://www.city.poznan.pl/
    • http://www.ipoznan.pl/
    • http://www.poznan.naszemiasto.pl/
    • http://www.poznan4u.pl/